Our growing community of partners making impact to end homelessness

Launch Housing have a growing and committed community of partners who share our vision to end homelessness through collective action.

In 2022 Viv’s Place opened – a purpose built building that provides permanent housing for up to 60 women and 130 children escaping family violence. Our partnership with Regenerate, an organisation committed to supporting family violence survivors with essential goods and services, turned the empty apartments into homes by donating time, linen, furniture, and homewares.

Regenerate’s contribution

Regenerate’s efforts at Viv’s Place were monumental. In addition to purchasing every item, Regenerate and their army of volunteers managed the logistics and set up of each apartment – moving and assembling furniture, washing sheets, quilt covers and towels and making every bed.

Regenerate’s efforts in numbers:

Aligning goals

Launch Housing and Regenerate are aligned in the understanding that without a permanent home, it is incredibly difficult for people to connect with their communities, engage in work, go to school, or address trauma. Regenerate’s decision to partner with Launch Housing stemmed from the desire to support our work in ending homelessness, alongside our specialist long term support for women and children.

“We were inspired to be involved with Viv’s Place because of the program’s aim of providing permanent homes and wrap-around support for women and children who had experienced housing insecurity and, in many cases, domestic abuse.

“Regenerate is passionate about supporting projects that provide safe, permanent homes for people who have experienced domestic abuse, and ensure children have a permanent home,” they said.

Effective collaboration

An valuable aspect of Regenerate’s contribution was working with Launch Housing teams to understand the needs of clients. One thing that struck our teams was the care and consideration that went into the selection of every item that went into the apartments – right down to the linen.

“You can tell the team really put the needs of the women and children at the centre of their decisions and wanted to create safe and comfortable spaces for them to recover and grow,” says Launch Housing Partnership Manager Elle Holtham.

Regenerate described their aim was to set up each apartment as completely as possible to ease the mental and emotional load of incoming tenants.

“We focused on providing quality, durable furniture and whitegoods that used less energy and water. Our objective was for the arriving families to be able to move in and only need to bring personal items and food with them.

“We also removed all packaging material, connected the appliances, and preprogrammed all the televisions. We even provided toilet paper, because as parents, we all know as soon as you get home a child will need to use the toilet!”

Regenerate’s staff and volunteers installed the furniture and home goods as quickly and efficiently as possible with the understanding there were vulnerable families waiting to move in.

“With every bed made came more reflections and thoughts of the families that would live there and the privilege they felt to be a part of it. It was wonderful to hear such empathy and desire for change from Regenerate’s staff and volunteers. We hope that everyone involved in the set-up of Viv’s place will go on to share what they saw and heard, and further build empathy in the community,” Elle said.

The Impact

Regenerate’s support was vital to creating spaces that feel like home for residents of Viv’s Place.

“We just wouldn’t have been able to give these families the homes they deserve without the support of a partner like Regenerate. In addition to the significant financial contribution, the time and effort that went into the end-to-end management of this project, solving logistical puzzles and supply chain challenges brought about by a global pandemic, was massive.

“We can’t thank them enough for their support. You only need to walk into an apartment at Viv’s to feel the love and kindness that was poured into each room,” Elle said.

The impact of Regenerate’s contribution was immediately felt by Launch Housing workers as they welcomed the very first Viv’s place tenants.