Our Impact

Focusing on our two themes, Families and New Beginnings, and Health and Wellbeing, allows us to do a deep dive into the data to better understand our impact, make evidence-based decisions that shape our programs, and better advocate for our vision of zero homelessness.  Families and New Beginnings  Everyone deserves another chance and the best […]

Impact Measure 1 – Sam’s Story

Ending long-term homelessness with secure housing By rapidly providing secure housing with case management, Launch Housing is enabling people who have experienced chronic homelessness to regain trust with services, experience new stability, and ultimately exit the cycle of homelessness. Sam’s support through the From Homelessness to a Home (H2H) program meant an interruption to the […]

Impact Measure 2 – Our Impact In Port Phillip

Launch Housing led approach makes real impact in Port Phillip Launch Housing is leading a new approach to solving chronic rough sleeping and is already seeing results across four local government areas. Through the Functional Zero approach, local service systems are brought together to work in a coordinated and hyper-local way. George Hatvani, Functional Zero […]

Impact Measure 3 – Illili’s Story

Helping new mothers find long-term stability Launch Housing’s coordinated teams work to transition clients out of temporary accommodations into suitable and sustainable long-term housing. Recently, the work of multiple Launch Housing teams enabled an end to Illili’s experience of homelessness in just two months. She is now settling into her secure, affordable accommodation where she […]

Impact Measure 4 – Anne’s Story

Preventing homelessness with private rental assistance Private rental assistance is a critical intervention for people at risk of homelessness in an increasingly unaffordable rental market. Launch Housing’s Private Rental Assistance Program (PRAP) supports people who are experiencing rental stress with financial assistance to both maintain existing tenancies and to establish new ones. Anne’s Story In […]

Impact Measure 5 – Pablo’s Story

The impact of social housing and support under one roof Social housing is critical to provide safety and stability for people unable to access or afford the private rental market. For Pablo, a combination of social housing paired with appropriate supports from Launch Housing enabled extraordinary positive changes including reconnection with family, recovery from drug […]

Impact Measure 6: The Phillip’s Family’s experience with HomeGround Real Estate

HomeGround Real Estate is a social enterprise agency established by Launch Housing in 2014. It provides premium property management services for property owners and renters in Melbourne while creating impact through reinvesting 100% of the profits back into Launch Housing. Through HomeGround, property owners have the option to rent out their properties at either full […]

Impact Measure 7 – Sakshi’s Story

Foyers a launching point for young people Education First Youth (EFY) Foyers work to break the cycle of homelessness by supporting young people, aged 16 to 24, to build a secure and sustainable future. With supported student housing, dedicated coaching, and a suite of opportunities and resources, EFY Foyers help youth to build the skills […]

Impact Measure 8 – Kalemi’s Story

Breaking the cycle of disadvantage for children Launch Housing’s Education Pathways Program supports regular school attendance, participation and wellbeing of children experiencing homelessness and family violence. The program specifically works to mitigate the negative effects of experiences of homelessness by supporting engagement or re-engagement with mainstream education. Watch Kalemi’s Story below which is representative of […]

Impact Measure 9 and 10 – Collaboration for change

Our growing community of partners making impact to end homelessness Launch Housing have a growing and committed community of partners who share our vision to end homelessness through collective action. In 2022 Viv’s Place opened – a purpose built building that provides permanent housing for up to 60 women and 130 children escaping family violence. […]