Increase in number of social housing dwellings owned or managed by Launch Housing

The supply of social housing in Victoria has not kept pace with population increases and demand. The private rental market is expensive, volatile, and often not suited to people with complex needs. By owning and managing housing ourselves we can be more flexible and supportive in helping people keep and maintain their tenancies. This provides people with certainty, security, and the chance to re-build their lives. 


properties we manage or own.


increase from last year’s stock 

Our work contributes to the SDGs

Sustainable Development Goal 1 - No Poverty
Sustainable Development Goal 5 - Gender Equality
Sustainable Development Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities
Sustainable Development Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
Sustainable Development Goal 17 - Partnership for the goals

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2020-2021 data indicate that the number of social housing dwellings in Victoria has decreased to 63,921 with around 64,000 households on the waitlist for public housing and a further 109,128 low-income households in rental stress across Greater Melbourne.  

The Victorian State Government’s $5.3 billion Big Build initiative will deliver 12,000 new social and affordable housing dwellings over the next four years, which will increase the overall social housing stock, bringing it closer to the national average. While very welcome, this will not address the current housing need.  

At Launch Housing, we currently manage or own a total of 1,209 properties which is a 19% increase, or 193 more properties than last year.  

These properties consist of: