Increase in number of properties managed by HomeGround Real Estate. 

HomeGround Real Estate (HGRE) is Victoria’s first social enterprise real estate agency which provides a way for socially conscious property owners to give back to the community and generate funds for homelessness services provided by Launch Housing.

All profits from HGRE are used to help end homelessness. 


Increase in properties managed by HGRE


More property owners offered properties at below market rent 

Our work contributes to the SDGs 

Sustainable Development Goal 1 - No Poverty
Sustainable Development Goal 5 - Gender Equality
Sustainable Development Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities
Sustainable Development Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
Sustainable Development Goal 17 - Partnership for the goals

With HomeGround Real Estate, property owners are provided with ethical property management so their investment property is professionally managed, and socially beneficial.  HomeGround Real Estate is also a social enterprise, designed to end homelessness by investing 100% of the profits back into the community. 

There was a 7.5% increase in properties managed by HomeGround Real Estate since last year. 

HomeGround Real Estate also helps to boost the number of affordable private rentals available to low-income earners. According to the Anglicare Rental Report, March 2021, out of 32,288 new listings for metropolitan Melbourne, only 2% or 614 new private rental listings were affordable to people on income support.

Further, 48% of low-income households across Melbourne were in rental stress in 2019-2020 which is expected to further increase with the current rental market. 

Through HomeGround Real Estate, property owners can elect to offer their property at affordable rates (10% or more below market rent) or social rates (30% of income plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance).  

This year saw a 13% increase in the number of property owners offering their properties at below market rent, improving housing options for our clients. There was a 27% increase in social housing rents compared to last year.

HomeGround Real Estate 2020-21 2021-21
Full market rent 195 191
Below market rent 62 70
Social rent 36 46
Head Lease 0 10
Total 293 315

Thanks to our partners

Our impact would not have been possible without the support of our partners such as the REA Group that provided advertising support to the HGRE.